How to Make a Flagpost Steady

A Flag is an emblem used to represent a country, government, tribe, or other organization. It can be displayed as a decoration on certain occasions in public and private places. In some countries the national flag is honoured with the presence of this symbol. Also it is often flown at half-staff when a head of state dies or resigns, and also for religious figures retired from their spiritual responsibilities. A Flag sometimes has different meanings to different people; mostly depending on cultural context.

As we know that flags are needed for any celebration event like Independence day parade etc., So our today article will describe you how to make your own flag pole if you don’t have one at present so you can buy a flag and put it in the pole and enjoy your event.

So you have to follow some simple steps which are given below:-

Firstly, find out a straight tree or poles on which you can put your flag pole. But remember that the pole should be 6 feet above ground level because most of the flags are 5.5 by 9 feet. So firstly check its shape and size then only decide whether is good for this purpose or not.

Moreover, dig up a hole 18 inches and 30 degree angle using an auger bit with firm sand to ensure that the pipe stays steady when inserted into it. If there is no place nearby where digging is possible, use cement-filled metal fence posts drilled into the ground.

Now, take a pipe of 3.5 inch diameter and 8 feet long in your hand and put it into the hole just like you do when you pour water in your toilet’s tank. If the pole is placed on the ground then lock it with sand a cement mixture so that it remains steady at all time. Also cover an insulation tube around this pole so that to protect from rain or sun, because if rain will fall down on top of flag while flying on pole. (

If you want to put your flag at greater height then use two pipes for two poles together for making it stronger; one as main support and one as sub-support for holding each other firmly without any vibration inside it and perfectly straight on the ground. (

After that, paint them with good quality paint so that they remain perfect and last for a long time in future without rusting or any worm attack which destroys its looks like we see on some poles around us. Especial care should be taken while painting when you are using used or old pipes because if weight of steel is less than specified then it cannot bear the pressure of travelling wind gusts during flying flag days. So, make sure before painting thickness by using a thickness micrometer tool which measure width at different points to find out whether its range is still as per required or not. (

Finally, stand your pole up vertically in the ground firmly; now you have your own homemade flag pole.

So, this is the way of making homemade flag pole at your home only if you need one for some special event or party at your home and you don’t have any money to buy it from market then follow above-mentioned steps, it will be easy for anyone who can do a little task. Make sure that all joints are sealed properly so that water doesn’t damage from inside.

I hope this article was very helpful in explaining how to make Flag pole steady at Home. If any of the information is incorrect please contact us with corrections and we will update the post accordingly. Thank You!